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published: Feb 2020
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The Kawai Scrolls

A Novel

by Louis Druehl

tagged: biographical, literary, cultural heritage

His Hopi princess bride has left him for the head of the philosophy department and his PhD thesis is stalled; what is left for an Iowa farmboy to do but to board a slow boat to Yokohama? John Fox leaves the academic desert of New Mexico for Japan, in search of fame and inspiration among the Ainu, the white aborigines of Hokkaido. While his adventures as an American innocent abroad take many a romantic and political turn, John discovers, as the Ainu believe, that everything is God … and bears.
The Kawai Scrolls is the picturesque tale of a young American anthropologist studying the Ainu people in Japan. By turns lighthearted and profound, the novel explores the complexities of modern—day indigenous culture from a fresh perspective.

About the Author

Louis Druehl has been a professor of marine botany at Simon Fraser University for thirty years. He has also taught field-oriented seaweed courses at the Friday Harbor Marine Laboratories, the Bamfield Marine Station and the University of Alaska. His research focuses on all aspects of kelp, including its evolution, ecology and physiology. He is the president of Canadian Kelp Resources Ltd., a company that produces sea vegetables (Barkley Sound Kelp) and operates a kelp farm.

Contributor Notes

Louis Druehl is the editor of The New Bamfielde and Professor Emeritus at Simon Fraser University where he taught and researched kelp for 36 years. His bestseller, Pacific Seaweeds (Harbour Publishing), received the 2017 Independent Publisher Book Award (bronze). The Kawai Scrolls is his second novel.

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