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category: Fiction
published: Apr 2020
publisher: Now or Never Publishing Co.

Seven Floors Down

by Trevor Clark

tagged: literary

Seven Floors Down follows the lives of Ryder and Kendall through bouts of homicide and homelessness, beginning when Ryder gets out of jail and crashes with his alcoholic friend who, on the verge of being evicted, remains infuriated with an ex-cop who owes him thousands. Kendall is a raconteur who entertains with countless stories, often while lying supine on the floor, and Ryder decides to help his friend recover his money. But then there’s an accidental killing and Ryder leaves Toronto on a bus for Vancouver where he lives in the downtown east side, goes through a job and a few women—including one with a crack habit—which of course ends badly. And then the police get involved.

About the Author

Trevor Clark

Author of five previous works of fiction, Trevor Clark has also worked as an oilrig roughneck, editor, portrait photographer, bookstore manager, and home entertainment coordinator for a movie production company. Originally from Toronto, Trevor lived for a while in Vancouver, and currently resides in Montreal.

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