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category: Fiction
published: Apr 2020
publisher: Now or Never Publishing Co.


by Logan Macnair

tagged: literary, biographical

When underachieving writer Larry Mann is granted the lucrative opportunity to ghostwrite the memoirs of the notorious and eccentric businessman-turned-politician Maxime Montblanc, he accepts immediately, tantalized by the financial benefits he's promised. However, as the two men begin to learn about and confide in one another, hints of their pasts surface to reveal two men both breaking in their own ways and both searching for a brighter future that may not exist. Alternating between the stark and the surreal, the abstract and the lyrical, Panegyric is an exploration and examination into the nature of artistic integrity, creation, and legacy, told in a way that is subversive, allegorical, profane, humorous, harrowing, and at times, unapologetically incomprehensible.

About the Author

Logan Macnair (PhD) is a researcher, college professor, and novelist based out of Burnaby, BC. His academic research is primarily focused on the online narrative, recruitment, and propaganda campaigns of various political extremist movements, and his second novel, Troll, is a fictionalized account based on his many years of studying these groups.

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