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category: Social Science
published: Mar 2021
publisher: Arsenal Pulp Press

Our Work Is Everywhere

An Illustrated Oral History of Queer and Trans Resistance

by Syan Rose, foreword by Leah Lakshmi Piepzna-Samarasinha

tagged: contemporary women, lesbian studies, gay & lesbian

A visually stunning graphic non-fiction book on queer and trans resistance.

Over the past ten years, we have witnessed the rise of queer and trans communities that have defied and challenged those who have historically opposed them. Through bold, symbolic imagery and surrealist, overlapping landscapes, queer illustrator and curator Syan Rose shines a light on the faces and voices of these diverse, amorphous, messy, real, and imagined queer and trans communities.

In their own words, queer and trans organizers, artists, healers, comrades, and leaders speak honestly and authentically about their own experiences with power, love, pain, and magic to create a textured and nuanced portrait of queer and trans realities in America. The many themes include Black femme mental health, Pacific Islander authorship, fat queer performance art, disability and health care practice, sex worker activism, and much more. Accompanying the narratives are Rose's startling and sinuous images that brings these leaders' words to visual life.

Our Work Is Everywhere is a graphic non-fiction book that underscores the brilliance and passion of queer and trans resistance.

Includes a foreword by Lambda Literary Award-winning author and activist Leah Lakshmi Piepzna-Samarasinha, author of Care Work: Dreaming Disability Justice.

Full-colour throughout.

About the Authors
Syan Rose is an illustrator and comic artist whose work plays with both surrealist and representational imagery to approach topics of personal history, politics, accountability, and healing. She's been published in Bitch, Slate, Gay Magazine, Truthout, and Autostraddle, and has self-produced many comics and zines.

Leah Lakshmi Piepzna-Samarasinha

Leah Lakshmi Piepzna-Samarasinha (she/they) is a mixed-blood, middle-aged, nonbinary femme disabled and autistic writer, disability and transformative justice cultural and movement worker of Burgher and Tamil Sri Lankan, Irish and Galician ascent. A crip web weaver, couch and porch witch, they are the author and/or co-editor of nine books, including Beyond Survival ((with Ejeris Dixon), Tonguebreaker, Care Work: Dreaming Disability Justice, Dirty River, and Bodymap. A Lambda Literary Award winner who has been shortlisted for the Publishing Triangle five times, they are the winner of Lambda's 2020 Jeanne Cordova Award "honoring a lifetime of work documenting the complexities of queer of color/femme/disabled experience" and are a 2020 Disability Futures Fellow. Raised in rustbelt central Massachusetts and shaped by T'karonto and Oakland, they currently make home in Massachusetts. They are an adaptive trike rider and a triple grand water trine. Their newest book, The Future Is Disabled: Prophecies, Love Notes and Mourning Songs, will be published in fall 2022.

  • Short-listed, Lambda Literary Award
Editorial Reviews

Reading this beautiful collection of oral histories and interviews feels likes sitting down with a bunch of rad queer and trans artists, healers, and activists, and listening to them talk about what inspires them, angers them, fuels them. The art is truly unique - each page feels like its own work of art. Here you'll find stories about ancestral wisdom, the power of queer tarot, mutual aid organizations, community gardening initiatives, radical wealth redistribution, and so much more more. It's an inspiring book spilling over with LGBTQ+ brilliance and creativity. -Book Riot

An inspirational volume for current and aspiring queer community workers to 'keep showing up' to build a better world together. -Publishers Weekly

Syan Rose is an artist who is deeply dedicated to the narratives of her Queer and Trans communities. In Our Work Is Everywhere, Sarah transforms the comics genre into short form poetic portraits of her peers and elders with such tenderness, love, and reverence. -Jessica de Jesus, creative director at Bitch Media

This genre-bending anthology about queer and trans resistance packs a big punch for a short book. It moves between interviews, essays, conversations, and more, all accompanied by Rose's intricate, expansive illustrations. Containing both rage and celebration, the book explores topics such as Black femme mental health, sex worker activism, and queer fat performance art. -Autostraddle ("Best Queer Books of the Year")

With this honest exploration of the lives of some of the most marginalized people in society, Syan Rose has crafted an artwork that is profoundly moving and inspiring. -BOMB

Our Work Is Everywhere embodies its own name, as every page offers wisdom everywhere; whether we are taking in narratives of resistance and survival from across the queer community; or witnessing the visual spectacle that holds every word in handwritten text and illustrations. From surviving class warfare and structural oppression, to allowing our bodies to experience the tender calm that queer resistance begs for, Our Work Is Everywhere is a collection of interviews, stories, and lessons on reworking and rewriting power. -Cristy Road Carrera, author and artist, Next World Tarot and Spit and Passion

A unique, empowering addition to LGBTQ+ literature. -Kirkus Reviews

In this collection, Syan Rose has created full, lovely and sensitively drawn portraits of the humans who set the world aright. -Molly Crabapple, author of Drawing Blood, and Brothers of the Gun with Marwan Hisham

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