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category: Social Science
published: Feb 2022
publisher: Hancock House

Northwest Indigenous Arts: Creative Colors 1

by Robert E. Stanley Sr.

tagged: native american studies, techniques, native american

Northwest Indigenous Arts: Creative Colors 1 i the first in the Northwest Indigenous Arts Series and is a compelling exploration of the rich artistic traditions of the Northwest Indigenous communities. Authored by Robert E. Stanley Sr., this coloring book serves as both an educational tool and a creative outlet, featuring 27 templates and line drawings inspired by an authentic indigenous artist. It delves into the cultural significance of real and legendary creatures revered by the West Coast indigenous communities, offering readers a unique opportunity to engage with and learn about these traditions through art. Born in the small village of Gingolx: in British Columbia, Stanley brings a personal and authentic perspective to this work, inviting readers to discover the vibrant heritage and artistic expressions of Northwest Native peoples.

About the Author

Robert E. Stanley Sr.

The author, one of eleven siblings, was born in a little village on the northern coast of British Columbia. The village, called Gingolx: in his native tongue, is also known as Kncolith. Robert Stanley now resides in Terrace, British Columbia.

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