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published: Sep 2020
publisher: Orca Book Publishers
imprint: Rapid Reads

Never Going Back

by Sam Wiebe

tagged: amateur sleuth, crime, siblings

Before she went to prison, Alison Kidd was the best thief in the city.

But Ali has changed. All she wants now is to clean up her act and work in her brother Dean’s restaurant. She never wants to go back inside. On the day she gets out, Dean is supposed to pick her up. But he never shows. Ali makes her way to Dean’s apartment and uses her unique skill set to let herself in. Dean is missing. After some investigation, Ali discovers that he was kidnapped and is being held hostage by a powerful crime boss, Lisa Wan. Lisa is the reason that Ali was in prison and wants Ali to work one last job in exchange for Dean's safety.

Now, to save her brother and her own future, Ali must pull off the toughest job of her career.

About the Author

Sam Wiebe is the award-winning author of the Wakeland novels, one of the most authentic and acclaimed detective series in Canada, including Invisible Dead and Cut You Down (Random House, 2016 and 2018). Wiebe’s other books include Never Going Back (Rapid Reads, 2020), Last of the Independents (Dundurn, 2014) and the Vancouver Noir anthology (Akashic Books, 2018), which he edited. He lives in New Westminster, BC.

  • Winner, Crime Writers of Canada, Best Crime Novella
  • Commended, CCBC Best Books for Kids & Teens
Editorial Review

“A fun and action-packed tale with a strong female protagonist... A very fun adventure in intrigue and suspense. Highly Recommended.”

— CM: Canadian Review of Materials

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