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category: Fiction
published: Sep 2014
publisher: Ronsdale Press

my June

by Danial Neil

tagged: literary

In this hauntingly beautiful novel with its palette of blues and greys, Danial Neil explores the world of Reuben Dale after the sudden death from a stroke of his beloved wife, June. Neil takes us inside suffering to show us the thoughts and feelings of the one left behind. Lost without the woman he has loved and leaned on, Reuben wanders aimlessly for a time in the little town of Seaside on the Sunshine Coast where he had retired with his wife with expectations of leisure time to sail.But now their sailboat, my June, named after his wife, remains tied to the dock. Ironically, just when he is beginning to develop a new place for himself in the daily life of Seaside, Reuben finds his past rising up to confront him, to demand radically new measures. Filled with superb renderings of the subtle beauties of the Sunshine Coast, this is a novel that shows that the past can be revisioned so as to create a new life from what remains. In the end, which turns out to be not an end, Reubenbegins to find he can become the person he has never believed possible.

About the Author

Danial Neil

Contributor Notes

Danial Neil was born in New Westminster, B.C., in 1954 and grew up in North Delta. He began writing in his teens, making the decision to become a full time writer in 1986, and studying Creative Writing at UBC. His first published novel was The Killing Jars (2006); Flight of the Dragonfly followed in 2009. The Trees of Calan Gray appeared in the spring of 2014, published by Oolichan. Danial lives in Oliver, in the South Okanagan.

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