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category: Social Science
published: May 2019
publisher: UBC Press

Métis Politics and Governance in Canada

by Kelly Saunders & Janique Dubois

tagged: indigenous studies, indigenous peoples, canadian

At a time when the Métis are becoming increasingly visible in Canadian politics, this unique book offers a practical guide for understanding who they are and the challenges they face on the path to self-government. It shows how the Métis are giving life to Louis Riel’s vision of a self-governing Métis Nation through the ongoing application of principles of governance that emerged during the fur trade. Drawing on the Métis language – Michif – Kelly Saunders and Janique Dubois demonstrate how the Métis have adapted their governance structures within the Canadian state context to meet the everyday needs of Métis citizens.

About the Authors

Kelly Saunders

Janique Dubois

Contributor Notes

Kelly Saunders is an associate professor in the Department of Political Science at Brandon University. Her research on Métis politics, the symbolism of Louis Riel, and Métis self-government has been published in the Canadian Journal of Native Studies, the Canadian Journal of Political Science, and Canadian Public Administration.


Janique Dubois is an assistant professor in the School of Political Studies at the University of Ottawa. Her research on federalism, political activism, and constitution building has been published in domestic and international journals, including Nations and Nationalism and the Canadian Journal of Political Science.

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