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category: Fiction
published: Apr 2020
publisher: Now or Never Publishing Co.

Mad Cow

by Alexis Kienlen

tagged: literary, small town & rural

Told from two points of view--a mother and her daughter--Mad Cow examines farming life in small-town Alberta, a life fourteen-year-old Allyson wants only to escape. Meanwhile her mother, Donna, dealing with her own assortment of problems and setbacks, soldiers on through the daunting days. But when a strange affliction starts picking off the local cattle, everything changes, and when tragedy strikes the extended family, life as they know it is seemingly over forever. Now Donna and Allyson must work together to keep the family and the farm intact, all while dealing with overwhelming grief and the fact their once thriving livelihood is failing.

About the Author

Alexis Kienlen

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