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category: Fiction
published: Aug 2014
publisher: Theytus Books Ltd.


by Waubgeshig Rice

tagged: cultural heritage, contemporary women, native american & aboriginal

"Bold, envisioned storytelling. A hands down pleasure to read." —Richard Wagamese
In the winter of 1989, Eva Gibson is a university student living in downtown Toronto. She's homesick and anxious to finish her education and return home to serve her Anishinaabe community. Then tragedy strikes and it becomes the Gibson family's legacy. Back on the rez, Eva's brothers and sister struggle to cope with their losses and redefine "their legacy." Some turn to ceremony; some turn to vice. All the while, they contend with a creeping sentiment of revenge.

About the Author

Waubgeshig Rice

Editorial Review

"With Legacy, Waubgeshig Rice places himself squarely at the front of the next wave of Native authors. Bold, envisioned storytelling. A hands down pleasure to read."

— Richard Wagamese
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