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published: Feb 2020
publisher: Tidewater Press

Just One More Drive

the true story of a stuttering homosexual and his race car

by Robert James O?Brien

tagged: personal memoirs

This honest, uplifting and painfully funny memoir is about love, soapboxes and why you should never lie on national TV. It's the story of how the Beast, a BMW E30 M3 Sport Evolution, almost killed Robert but ended up saving his life.
From his father, Robert developed a passion for all things automotive as he grew up in Dublin, a painfully shy, lonely stutterer. Cars were his friends and his refuge, but the M3 was a tormenting reminder of the man Robert thought he could never be: confident, successful, loved. He went to school, studied at university, took courses to conquer his stammer and drove. Then he decided to act on his dreams and moved from Ireland to Vancouver, in search of sci—fi stardom and himself.
In Just One More Drive, we follow Robert as he struggles to overcome his disability, find his way in the world and discover what love really means. It is more than a story about stuttering, or coming out, or living in the shadow of suicide — it is a universal journey of self—discovery and learning to embracing one's true self.

About the Author

Robert James O?Brien

Contributor Notes

Robert James O'Brien is an Irish immigrant living in Vancouver, British Columbia. He is a teacher, a trained television presenter and actor, and a geek who loves Stargates and every box Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo put on the shelves. Robert's first book, The Mini: A strategic relaunch of a dormant brand, was published in 2016 by Lambert Academic Publishing.

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