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published: Apr 2023
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Herbal Materia Medica

Medicinal and Herbal Uses of Northwest Native Plants

by Torey Lee

tagged: herbs

Herbal Materia Medica of the Northwest is a comprehensive, well-researched volume of medicinal plants found in the Northwest, covering all of British Columbia, southern Alaska and the Yukon as well as Washington and into Oregon. Going beyond identification, this volume covers not only the herbal and ethnobotanical uses of each species but extends that information to aromatherapy, flower essences and homeopathy as well as other uses which may include food, cosmetics, natural forage, ritual and technological. The author has traveled through most of the Northwest, personally investigating the habitats, micro-climates, and species found in each of the biogeoclimatic zones. Full descriptions of the physical features and general climates of each of these different biogeoclimatic zones enable the reader to extend this book into other areas of North America that may have similar habitats. Beautiful color photographs accompany most species, aiding in the identification process. A few of the more common poisonous plants have also been listed to prevent readers from mistaking plants that may closely resemble some of the medicinal species. A section on general preparation methods and a list of equipment required, accompany the herbal information, allowing individuals to start making a wide variety of their own herbal medicines including teas, syrups, oils, salves, etc. from plants harvested in their local areas.

About the Author

Torey Lee

Torey has lived in rural areas of the Cariboo, foraging for wild edibles, medicinals and crafting material for her family for over 40 years. First taught by her mother and grandmother, formalized training began at Dominion Herbal College with the Chartered and Master Herbalist Programs and has continued through the Clinical Program at Wild Rose College and the Luminos Homeopathic Master Clinician Program. The “Herbal Materia Medica” is the extension of a thesis written for her Master Herbalist Diploma. Torey also has studied other holistic treatments including Relaxation Massage, Hot Stone Massage and Reiki. Torey’s passion is local medicines; how to harvest, prepare and use them as well as teaching others the benefits of herbal medicine. Spending several years working in the hospitality industry, Torey has learned how to incorporate many of our wild plants into edibles that can be consumed and enjoyed as, not just as simple side dishes, desserts or dressings, but “Food Medicine”. Summers are a busy time. When not out foraging or working in her garden, Torey can be found at Farmers Markets, selling a variety of herbs and herbal products, and teaching foraging and wildcrafting classes.
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