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George Garrett

Intrepid Reporter

by George Garrett

tagged: personal memoirs, editors, journalists, publishers, post-confederation (1867-)

“George Garrett is one of the most remarkable reporters of news that I have ever known. He has always had the ability to smell a good story and to report on it honestly and accurately.”

—Jim Pattison, Canadian business magnate

Starting from humble beginnings as a farm boy in Saskatchewan, George Garrett rose through the ranks of journalism and came to be known as the reporter who, as radio personality Rafe Mair recalled, “seemed to know details almost as soon as the police did” on such infamous stories as the Clifford Olson murders. He was willing to take risks to get to the real story, which resulted in his being assaulted in the Rodney King riots in Los Angeles among many other scrapes. In this memoir, Garrett shares the behind-the-scenes tales of his harrowing, humorous and occasionally humiliating investigative tactics, from posing as an accident victim to uncover the questionable practices of an insurance claim lawyer, to acting as a tow truck driver to expose a forgery scheme, and baring it all for the sake of an interview with a local nudist colony.

Garrett also delves into the personal details of his life, sharing the hardships and resilience that marks him as an empathetic storyteller. He reveals the heartbreaking loss of his son in a canoeing accident, and his wife Joan’s devastating diagnosis of Alzheimer’s disease which inspired him to dedicate his time to supporting the Alzheimer Society.

Through it all, George Garrett never lost the insatiable curiosity that, according to Rafe Mair, made him the “standard by which good reporting is judged.”

About the Author
George Garrett is a veteran of nearly 50 years in broadcast journalism. Garrett has won a number of awards, including lifetime achievement awards from the Radio & TV News Directors of Canada and from the Jack Webster Foundation in Vancouver. He was twice named Broadcast Performer of the Year by the B.C. Association of Broadcasters. Garrett was named an Honorary Member of the RCMP Veteran’s Association, Vancouver Branch in 1993, and made a Life Member in 2013.
Editorial Reviews
— The Ormsby Review

“Some reporters are excellent to deal with and over the years may form professional and personal relationships with officers. I know a well-respected reporter by the name of George Garrett who worked in the Vancouver area for many years. He was so well liked and respected by police officers that he is still invited to many police functions in spite of the fact he is retired. George Garrett always did his job and reported the good with the bad. If a police officer or department made a mistake, he reported it fairly and accurately without personal bias. I think that is what garnered him the respect. He was a professional and reported all of the facts and all of the story.”

— Constable Wayne Ryan, author of Souls Behind the Badge

“A must-read for anyone interested in BC history. [George is] one of the most significant figures in the history of BC journalism.”

— Harold Munro

“During my tenure with Vancouver’s Major Crime Squad, the floor was strictly off-limits to civilian personnel. The only exception to the rule was a crime reporter named George Garrett who was given full access to the Homicide Unit. (Personally … I think he had his own key.) Garrett reported with insight, colour and accuracy and could be trusted with information that was ‘off the record.’ He acted as an invaluable liaison between the police and the media.”

— Wayne Cope, author of Vancouver Blue

"...a great reporter and a legend in our trade. He knew everyone, was on top of everything and was invariably first." 

— Vaughn Palmer, Vancouver Sun editor

— Georgia Straight

— Delta Optimist?

“George Garrett is the best investigative reporter Vancouver had ever known.”

— Retired Deputy RCMP Commissioner Peter German

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