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category: Children's Fiction
published: Oct 2020
publisher: Rebel Mountain Press

Cancer is a C Word

by Sunita Pal, illustrated by Cody Andreasen

tagged: diseases, illnesses & injuries, emotions & feelings, diversity & multicultural

Teaching tough and scary topics to children, especially to the very young, is not easy. Dealing with Cancer is a sad reality that many families have to face and explaining it to little children can be very difficult--and hard to do without creating a Monster of Fear.Cancer is a C Word will help families and schools introduce the concept of Cancer to little ones, specifically to early primary-aged children, in a very simple way that is easy for them to understand. At the same time, the book also focuses on the positive aspects by demonstrating that there are other C words linked to Cancer that have an uplifting effect, such as Caring, Community, Cuddling, and Companionship. With beautifully illustrated full-colour pages that will appeal to children, Cancer is a C Word is an informative picture book for children that answers some tough questions, while conveying an overall comforting and positive message.Teacher resources available on publisher website: rebelmountainpress.com/cancer-is-a-c-word-teaching-resources

About the Authors

Sunita Pal

Aside from being a writer, Sunita is also an experienced elementary school teacher in Toronto, Ontario. For almost two decades, she has taught from kindergarten to Grade 2 and has also served as school librarian, so she is well versed in what makes for an enjoyable read for the little ones. She also believes in the importance of educating these same little ones on serious subject matters in a meaningful way that is easy for them to understand.

Cody Andreasen

Cody Andreasen is an elementary school teacher and artist from Calgary, Alberta. Cody attended the Alberta University of the Arts (formerly ACAD) where he received a BFA in Drawing and the University of Calgary where he received a Bachelor of Education degree. Cody enjoys working in a variety of visual styles including comic books and (recently) puppets. In addition to his art, Cody enjoys making other things, such as his four children whom he created in close collaboration with his wife.

Recommended Age, Grade, and Reading Levels
3 to 5
p to k
Editorial Review

"A young boy learns about cancer [and] keeps hearing an unfamiliar word that starts with the letter C. He knows that it makes people sad, but he doesn't know what it is. His parents explain that it is a disease from which "some get better, but, sadly, some may pass away." He then goes on to ask other adults in his life--his teacher, other relatives--the multitude of questions swirling in his head. Why can't they just take medicine to get better? Is it contagious?... The touching twist is that the family goes on to gather other words that start with C that can help someone struggling with cancer, such as community and cuddling. Andreasen's [illustrator] definitively outlined characters don't shy away from showing such side effects as hair loss or amputation. The patients are also all different ages and races, stamping out any stereotypical ideas. This gentle educational primer on a tough topic pushes through fear and lands on love." -Kirkus Reviews

"The language, tone and general are well-suited to the intended age group. The discussion of other powerful words beginning with C that help cancer patients on their road to recovery is a valuable inclusion. It recognizes the human desire to help and provides children with a sense of empowerment should they have a friend or family member with the illness. These words include Community, Cooking, Coming together, Cuddling. and Caring. Like the disease that does not discriminate between age or race, the expressive illustrations depict characters who represent various cultures and ages...Despite the difficulty of the topic, Cancer is a C Word will certainly assist adults, such as teachers, parents, and medical workers who are caring for children, to gently explain the concepts of the disease without creating undue fear. Highly Recommended."Canadian Review of Materials

"Cancer is a 'C' Word invites readers, young and old, to discover the many other 'C' words that support wellness. Community, Caring and Coming Together come alive in images that celebrate diversity. Teachers, counsellors, and parents will welcome the honest, thoughtful presentation made available through rhyme to support young people coping with cancer in their lives. A sensitive, helpful book." -Tracy Myers, Children's Counsellor

"As a school teacher/librarian, I appreciate the diversity of families/individuals used to convey the story. Author, Sunita Pal, explains a scary topic and gives children an uplifting message. The illustrations are fascinating and vibrant."-Leslie Bell, teacher/librarian

"This book is not only a much needed educational tool, it also tells a story that is very relatable to many. The author helps guide a challenging conversation within families and does so in such an age-appropriate manner. She strikes a balance between giving readers enough information to digest a difficult topic, while simultaneously providing them with reassurance and focusing on the positive."-Muzna Ahmad, MD

"Cancer is just another C word. Told through gentle rhyme, this book is ideal for both adults and children to develop understanding of what cancer is and how to start the conversation. Both practical and reassuring."-Marilyn MacPherson, librarian

"Cancer is a C Word creates a wonderful dialogue that does not shy away from the scariness of cancer, yet helps the reader to gain some power over the disease by thinking differently about it. This book is not only for our children that are touched by this disease but is for those that want to introduce caring and compassion into their children's life."-Lily Robertson, author

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