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category: Children's Fiction
published: Jul 2020
publisher: Greystone Books Ltd

Big City Bees

by Maggie De Vries, illustrated by Renné Benoit

tagged: insects, spiders, etc., environment

p class=“book_description”>Vivid writing and luminous art combine to tell a modern story that introduces young readers to the wonders of beesp class=“book_description”>For city kids like Sophie and Matthew, growing pumpkins is a big thrill.p class=“book_description”>But they're worried. They know they need bees to make their pumpkins grow. But will the bees find their garden? Are there even bees in the city?p class=“book_description”>So one day, Grandpa and the children set out to look for bees. They arrive downtown just in time to see something amazing: a buzzing ball of bees hovers from the branch of a nearby tree. And high on the terrace of a towering hotel are four brightly coloured beehives!p class=“book_description”>For Matthew and Sophie, this is the beginning of an exciting adventure. All summer they tend their plants, eagerly watching as their seeds sprout and turn into shoots, then vines and leaves. But they're still worried. Will the bees come when they're needed?p class=“book_description”>Finally, the golden pumpkin flowers appear among the leaves. The female flowers will be open for just one day, and Matthew and Sophie arrive at the garden early in the morning to wait and watch. Will the bees arrive in time to pollinate the plants?

About the Authors

Maggie De Vries

Maggie de Vries is the author of many books for children and one book for adults. She teaches in the Creative Writing Program at UBC, runs writing workshops, and coaches and mentors writers. Maggie now lives in Ladysmith, British Columbia, on the east coast of Vancouver Island. Every summer, she and her husband spend as much time as they can tootling around the Gulf Islands and up the coast in their little old boat, Breakaway. For more information, visit www.maggiedevries.com.

Renné Benoit has illustrated many award-winning books, including The Secret of the Village Fool, Lily and the Paper Man, and When-I-was-a-little-girl. Renné works in her home studio in St. Thomas, Ontario.
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6 to 10
1 to 5

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