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category: Children's Fiction
published: Nov 2017
publisher: Heritage House Publishing

Up In Arms

by Amanda Spottiswoode, illustrated by Molly March

tagged: post-confederation (1867-), boats, ships & underwater craft

A rollicking wartime adventure on the BC coast.

A lot has changed in the world since Sophie, Molly, Mark, Harriet, Leticia, and Posy’s last adventure in The Silver Lining. Now it’s 1940, and the Second World War is making life back home in the United Kingdom very dangerous indeed. Although our intrepid crew has seen their fair share of precarious situations, from being chased by pirates to making harrowing rescues in abandoned mine shafts, their parents decide to once again send them across the ocean and into the care of the eccentric Captain Gunn. This time they head back to the BC coast, making stops in Hesquiat Harbour, Estevan Point Lighthouse, Cape Scott, and Alert Bay. There, they meet real-life historical figures such as Cougar Annie and aviator Jim Spilsbury, and help to recover a precious artifact from a local Indigenous community. Rather than sitting out the war in a safe, quiet place, captain and crew could be in for their biggest adventure yet!

About the Authors

Amanda Spottiswoode

Born and raised in England, Amanda Spottiswoode has a lifelong love of outdoor adventure, history, and storytelling. Her children’s books—including Brother XII’s Treasure, which was shortlisted for the Chocolate Lily Award, and The Silver Lining—are inspired by her British upbringing, her passion for the Canadian outdoors, and her keen interest in BC history.

Molly March is an accomplished painter and set designer. She is the illustrator and mapmaker of Brother XII's Treasure and its sequel, The Silver Lining.

Recommended Age, Grade, and Reading Levels
9 to 12
4 to 7
Reading age:
9 to 12
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