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category: Fiction
published: April 2018
publisher: Arsenal Pulp Press

Property Values

by Charles Demers

tagged: literary, crime, humorous

The worlds of urban gentrification, overpriced real estate, and gang violence collide in this wry and sardonic crime novel by author and comedian Charles Demers (Vancouver Special, The Horrors).


As a shaky truce between suburban gangsters starts to unravel, schlubby civilian Scott Clark has other things on his mind: if he can't afford to buy out his ex father-in-law, Scott's about to lose the only house he's ever called home. In Vancouver's red-hot housing market, he doesn't have a chance--until he and his best friends take the desperate measure of staging a fake drive-by shooting on the property to push down the asking price. But when Scott's mobster-posturing stunt attracts the attention of the real criminals, his pretend gang soon finds itself in the middle of a deadly rivalry.

With wicked humour and a brilliant cast of desperate characters, Property Values explodes the crime novel trope while exploring the comic lengths a man will go to in order to become a home owner in today's market.

About the Author

Charles Demers is an author, comedian, playwright, activist, and voice of a cartoon slug on the Netflix series Beat Bugs. A regular on CBC radio's The Debaters, he lives in East Vancouver with his wife and daughter.

Editorial Reviews

This is a book that will make you laugh, and make you think. “Vancouver Sun

A searing commentary on the commodification of homes and the displacement of lower and middle classes should be neither funny nor entertaining, yet here we are with Charles Demers' hilarious new novel. Like the best literary satire, the jokes are so densely and smartly packed into each page that you forget this is about serious stuff. And trust me: you will, as the non-cool kids say, guffaw out loud. “Paul Bae, executive producer of "The Big Loop" and "The Black Tapes"

Demers' book reflects the very real struggle and desperation of average folks just trying to get a fair shake in an unfair world. Thankfully, he's hilarious and the story of a great bad idea that goes very bad is compelling, moving, and FUNNY! “Marc Maron, actor-comedian

Property Values is an absolute pleasure: incisive, LOL comedic, emotional, and full of insightful juxtapositions that define living in Vancouver. Charles Demers has brilliantly twisted a crime novel with a demented coming of age tale and in doing so, expands our definitions of home, family and self-worth. “Mina Shum, filmmaker, Meditation Park and Double Happiness

Nobody writes Vancouver like Charles Demers. In Property Values, Canada's best and most socially engaged comedian takes aim at the housing crisis and the death of journalism with equal parts humour, outrage, and literary virtuosity. Hysterical and highly moving. “Sam Wiebe, author of Invisible Dead and Cut You Down

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