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category: Young Adult Fiction
published: Oct 2017
publisher: Orca Book Publishers


by Judith Graves

tagged: law & crime, drugs, alcohol, substance abuse, mental illness

In this sequel to Exposed, Raven is once again fighting for the underdog. When a desperate wave of teen suicides threatens to overwhelm her school, Raven does some digging and learns that all of the victims have one thing in common: issues with anxiety. With help from Team Retribution, Raven links the deaths to an unauthorized drug trial at a shady medical center. To find out more, she goes undercover, but things quickly get out of her control. Soon she's not surewhat is real and what is a drug-induced fantasy.

About the Author
Judith Graves writes YA fiction and is an award-winning writer and screenwriter. She lives in northern Alberta. For more information, visit www.judithgraves.com.
Recommended Age, Grade, and Reading Levels
13 to 17
8 to 12
Reading age:
12 to 16

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