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category: Young Adult Fiction
published: Oct 2017
publisher: Orca Book Publishers


by Judith Graves

tagged: law & crime, drugs, alcohol, substance abuse, mental illness

In this sequel to Exposed, Raven is once again fighting for the underdog. When a desperate wave of teen suicides threatens to overwhelm her school, Raven does some digging and learns that all of the victims have one thing in common: issues with anxiety. With help from Team Retribution, Raven links the deaths to an unauthorized drug trial at a shady medical center. To find out more, she goes undercover, but things quickly get out of her control. Soon she's not surewhat is real and what is a drug-induced fantasy.

About the Author
Judith Graves writes YA fiction and is an award-winning writer and screenwriter. She lives in northern Alberta. For more information, visit www.judithgraves.com.
Recommended Age, Grade, and Reading Levels
13 to 17
8 to 12
Reading age:
12 to 16
Editorial Review

"Infiltrate is a fast read, with easy vocabulary. The plot pacing is fast, with weeks jumping by in order to progress the story…this does not hinder the story—in fact, it keeps interests piqued, especially for reluctant readers. Highly Recommended."

— CM Magazine
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