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published: April 2016
publisher: Now or Never Publishing Co.

From Up River and for One Night Only

by Brett Josef Grubisic

tagged: literary

Meet The Gorgons The Legionnaires Chicken Treblinka The Statistics . . . Meet Dee, Gordyn, Em, and Jay, indecisive members of the greatest New Wave band to ever spring from River Bend City. Before they graduate from high school and flee a mill town that's seen better days, these ambitious friends (two sets of siblings) aim to make something from nothing as a test-run for planned careers of total glamour in New York City. Set between Labour Day 1980 and a Battle of the Bands contest in February 1981, From Up River and for One Night Only traces the unsure but determined steps of the gang's hopeful act of creation. The darkly comic and autobiographical story memorably captures the detours, setbacks, compromises, ethical quandaries, and illicit opportunities encountered along the twisty highway to the band's fifteen-and-a half minutes of fame.

About the Author

Brett Josef Grubisic is the author of the novel The Age of Cities, published in 2006 and a finalist for the City of Vancouver Book Award, as well as co-author of American Hunks, editor of Contra/Diction: New Queer Male Fiction and co-editor (with Carellin Brooks) of Carnal Nation: Brave New Sex Fictions. He teaches English at the University of British Columbia in Vancouver.

Editorial Review

"Lovingly and delightfully told, and completely without sentimentality, Grubisic's autobiographical novel is a long ode to youth, to unquenchable life and, yes, it's nostalgic but in the best possible way." --Vancouver Sun"A wordsmith by nature and profession, Grubisic spends pages on lengthy and complex passages that appear as digressions, yet are written with intention: every word is fitting, deliberate, and laden with meaning." --Quill and Quire"Grubisic's novel is an exciting exercise in language, and it does give its readers enough to hold onto, should they be ready for the ride. The story's climax is a fantastic marriage of music and poetic prose, culminating in a final performance that leaves its readers, characters, and linguistic audience wanting more disjunction, confusion, and grunge." --Lambda Literary"This excursion into the '80s will be immersive for readers who remember the decade fondly; the story of dreamers pushing against the confines of conventionality and limited expectations will resonate more broadly." --Publishers Weekly

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