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category: Social Science
published: July 2017
publisher: UBC Press

Contemporary Slavery

Popular Rhetoric and Political Practice

edited by Annie Bunting & Joel Quirk

tagged: slavery, human rights, emigration & immigration

Contemporary slavery has recently emerged as a key source of popular fascination and political mobilization. This volume brings together a cast of leading experts to carefully explore how the language of slavery has been invoked to support a series of government interventions, activist projects, legal instruments, and rhetorical and visual performances. However well-intentioned these interventions might be, they nonetheless remain subject to a host of limitations and complications. Recent efforts to combat contemporary slavery are too often sensationalist, self-serving, and superficial. Bringing about lasting change will ultimately require a direct challenge to dominant political and economic interests.

About the Authors

Annie Bunting

Joel Quirk

Contributor Notes

Annie Bunting is an associate professor of law and society at York University and deputy director of the Harriet Tubman Institute on Research on Africa and its Diasporas. Joel Quirk is a professor of political studies at the University of the Witwatersrand. Contributors: Jean Allain, Jonathan Blagborough, Roy Brooks, Annie Bunting, Austin Choi-Fitzpatrick, Andrew Crane, Rhoda Howard-Hassmann, Fuyuki Kurasawa, Benjamin Lawrance, Joel Quirk, and Darshan Vigneswaran

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