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category: Political Science
published: Sep 2017
publisher: UBC Press

After Morgentaler

The Politics of Abortion in Canada

by Rachael Johnstone

tagged: feminism & feminist theory, health

The landmark decision R. v. Morgentaler (1988) struck down Canada’s abortion law and is widely believed to have established a right to abortion, but its actual impact is much less decisive. In After Morgentaler, Rachael Johnstone examines the state of abortion access in Canada today and argues that substantive access is essential to full citizenship for women. Using case studies, Johnstone assesses the role of both state and non-state actors in shaping access. This book affirms the need to recognize abortion as an issue fundamentally tied to women’s equality, while stressing the utility of rights claims to improve access.

About the Author

Rachael Johnstone

Contributor Notes

Rachael Johnstone is an assistant professor at the Bader International Study Centre (Queen’s University, Canada) in the United Kingdom, where she instructs courses in both political studies and gender studies. She has written extensively on the politics of abortion in Canada.

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