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published: Sep 2018
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A Year on the Wild Side

A West Coast Naturalist's Almanac

by Briony Penn

tagged: essays, regional, coastal regions & shorelines

A freshly designed, new edition of a funny weekly chronicle that offers a year-long, intimate view of the flora and fauna populating the West Coast.

A Year on the Wild Side is a witty commentary on the social and natural history of Vancouver Island. Composed of 52 essays arranged in 12 monthly chapters, this engaging book reveals the magic and humour of the natural world and reminds us of our place within it.

As the weeks and seasons unfold with the turning of the pages, you’ll be in sync with the living world that surrounds you. Discover what berries are ripe and the best time to pick them. Learn why the termites swarm, where the herring spawn, and when the maple leaves fall. Get up close and personal with fascinating creatures like the snowy owl, the giant Pacific octopus, the river otter, and more.

The West Coast is abundantly alive, and A Year on the Wild Side invites you to indulge in unforgettable experiences, week by week, all year long.

About the Author

Briony Penn is a naturalist, writer, educator, and broadcaster well known for her indomitable spirit and tireless devotion to protecting endangered species and sensitive ecosystems in British Columbia. Her book, The Real Thing: The Natural History of Ian McTaggart Cowan was the winner of the BC Book Prize. She is the founding member of the Land Conservancy of BC. Visit her at cowantherealthing.com.

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