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category: Fiction
published: July 2006
publisher: Key Porter Books

The Walking Boy

A Novel

by Lydia Kwa

tagged: historical

Set in eighth-century Tang Dynasty China, The Walking Boy follows the life of Baoshi, a young disciple to an aging hermit monk, who has a secret only his master knows. When he is just 16, Baoshi is sent on a quest to Changan, the ancient Western capital and the epicentre of the Tang Dynasty, ruled by the bitter and aging Female Emperor. Threatened by temptation and exposure to the outside world, Baoshi soon finds himself embroiled in a ghost story set amongst the sumptuous and elaborate rituals of the palace, a decadent world of corruption and intrigue, passion and desire.A vivid and compelling novel inspired by true historical events, The Walking Boy is a contemporary re-visioning of eighth-century China, written with exquisite lyricism and boundless imagination.

About the Author
Lydia Kwa

Lydia Kwa is the author of the novels Oracle Bone,This Place Called Absence (shortlisted for the Books in Canada First Novel Award), The Walking Boy (shortlisted for the Ethel Wilson Fiction Prize), and Pulse, as well as two books of poetry, The Colours of Heroines and sinuous. A new edition of The Walking Boy will be published in 2019. She lives and works in Vancouver as a writer and psychologist.

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