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published: July 2018
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Straight Circles

by Jackie Bateman


Domestic satire meets gripping suspense in Straight Circles, the final, explosive chapter of The Lizzy Trilogy. The original and eccentric cast of characters return in this genre-bending thriller, but not everyone's getting out alive.

Newly pregnant Lizzy arrives to revisit old haunts in the bleak Scottish town that she escaped years ago as a teenage runaway. Along with a yearning to rediscover her roots, she wants to confront her harrowing past and learn what happened to her mother, whose disappearance has remained unsolved. Instead, she comes face to face with her estranged father, whose violent side soon emerges with devastating consequences.

But someone else is watching, and Lizzy's father will pay.

Oliver is back, and this time there will be no waiting, no savouring, and no patience for the small-time victims and criminals in his way. He's ready to claim his “little bird' - and to show her exactly what happened to her mother. What Oliver doesn't know is that someone is tracking him, and will do anything to poach his most elusive prize.

In Straight Circles, Lizzy returns to the heart of the story, where the stakes are higher than ever. Where it all began is where it will all end, in a chilling confrontation with the man who has been tracking her for years. In a disturbing finale, we are left to watch as Lizzy walks straight into the path of two dark and dangerous killers - and makes the biggest mistake of her life. &nbsp

Praise for Nondescript Rambunctious:

"... a thriller that succeeds by nodding politely to the formula, then turning it on its head." (Quill & Quire)

About the Author

Jackie Bateman

Contributor Notes

Jackie Bateman lives with her family in North Vancouver. Her first novel Nondescript Rambunctious won a national first book competition in Canada, and grew into a trilogy of psychological thrillers. The second novel in the series, Savour, was shortlisted for the 2015 Relit Awards. Straight Circles ties up all of the disturbing threads in a grand psychotic finale. The trilogy has been optioned for a multi-episode TV series.

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