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category: Political Science
published: June 2017
publisher: UBC Press

Prime Ministerial Power in Canada

Its Origins under Macdonald, Laurier, and Borden

by Patrice Dutil

tagged: history & theory, canadian, leadership

Many Canadians lament that prime ministerial power has become too concentrated since the 1970s. This book contradicts this view by demonstrating how prime ministerial power was centralized from the very beginning of Confederation and that the first three important prime ministers – Macdonald, Laurier, and Borden – channelled that centralizing impulse to adapt to the circumstances they faced. Using a variety of innovative approaches, Patrice Dutil focuses on the managerial philosophies of each of the prime ministers. He shows that by securing a firm grip on the instruments of governance these early first ministers inevitably shaped the administrations they headed, as well as those that followed.

About the Author

Patrice Dutil

Contributor Notes

Patrice Dutil is a professor of politics and public administration at Ryerson University. He is the founder of the Literary Review of Canada and the president of the Champlain Society. He is the author and editor of several books on diverse aspects of Canadian politics and governance.

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