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category: Fiction
published: Oct 2018
publisher: Now or Never Publishing Co.

Poplar Lake

by Ron Thompson

tagged: small town & rural, satire, families, relationships

Jake's fallen for Genny, and now he's bringing her home to meet his family. On the long trip to the prairies, he amuses her with childhood anecdotes--but he's careful what he says. There are things he doesn't want to acknowledge, even to himself, when he tours her around town, regaling her with stories of its founding on land stolen from the Cree, and of the scoundrels and visionaries who shaped it. Genny can tell he's hiding something, and she is determined to uncover his secret. Poplar Lake is a darkly satiric novel about families and relationships and the day-to-day lies that sustain them, a tragicomedy rich with yearning, heartbreak, and love.

About the Author
Ron Thompson has worked as an economist, investment banker and consultant in Canada and internationally, and as a CUSO development worker in Africa. He grew up on the Prairies and currently resides in Toronto. Poplar Lake is his second novel, a prequel to A Person of Letters, published in 2015.
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