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published: Oct 2018
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Oldness; or, the Last-Ditch Efforts of Marcus O

by Brett Josef Grubisic


Meet Marcus O, a man who’s feeling older but not much wiser as he sets jaded eyes on that last vigorous stretch before the dreaded sunset years. With the approach of the terminal semester of a long-winded career, he’s wondering “What next?” and closing down leftover business. First, there’s Judaea, a workplace nemesis inspiring Marcus’ visions of reprisal. And there’s L’Oréal Zhang, a style-conscious student and frequent visitor to Marcus’ university office whose shallow interests seem calculated to aggravate him alone. The co-owner of a geriatric apartment building (with brother Benjamin, another thorn in his side), Marcus occupies his nights at home with snacks and screens. There, he scours the Web for romance advice while hatching answers to profile questions generated by Venerati, a dating site for seniors he’s recently joined. Set in the metropolitan west coast in a near future where everything is pretty much the same (or maybe a notch worse), Oldness; or, the Last-Ditch Efforts of Marcus O dazzles with a satiric portrait of a vexed man in a complicated time and place whose reality could be just over the horizon.

About the Author

Brett Josef Grubisic is the author of the novel The Age of Cities, published in 2006 and a finalist for the City of Vancouver Book Award, as well as co-author of American Hunks, editor of Contra/Diction: New Queer Male Fiction and co-editor (with Carellin Brooks) of Carnal Nation: Brave New Sex Fictions. He teaches English at the University of British Columbia in Vancouver.

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