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category: Children's Fiction
published: Nov 2017
publisher: Orca Book Publishers

Medusa's Scream

by Melanie Jackson

tagged: mysteries & detective stories

Medusa's Scream is a thrill-ride that hurtles a train through an out-of-service gold mine in the Fraser Valley. Chase can't believe his luck when he lands a summer job in the food truck outside the ride's entrance. But then he notices strange things happening at the old mine. Chase starts to piece things together, and soon his life is threatened by a villain even scarier than the snake-headed Medusa of myth.

About the Author

Melanie Jackson

Scottish-born and mystery-minded, Melanie Jackson is the author of several Orca Currents novels and the Dinah Galloway Mystery Series. She also works as a Vancouver-based business/advertising writer and editor. Melanie enjoys hiking, piano, English/Scottish history—and learning from young readers. Honours include being named a 2018 TD Canadian Children's Book Centre author; and receiving a University of Toronto Alumni Arbor Award. For more information, visit www.melaniejacksonblog.wordpress.com.
Recommended Age, Grade, and Reading Levels
10 to 14
5 to 9
Reading age:
10 to 14
Editorial Review

"Dialogue is short, sharp and direct, leading the plot along well, while Chase's inner dialogue reveals his character and his thinking about the mystery. Middle school students interested in mysteries will enjoy Chase's dilemma."

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