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published: June 2018
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Making of Hominology, The

by Dmitri Bayanov, edited by Murphy, Christopher L.

tagged: visionary & metaphysical, primatology, unexplained phenomena
About the Authors

Dmitri Bayanov

Murphy, Christopher L.

Contributor Notes

Dmitri Bayanov, is Science Director of the International Center of Hominology (ICH), based in Moscow, Russia. In 1964 he joined research into the problem of existence and nature of so called "hairy bipeds" (almasty, bigfoot-sasquatch, etc.) and coined the term hominology for the study of these enigmatic higher bipedal primates. He took part in expeditions in search of these primates (supposed to be relict hominids) in the Caucasus and Central Asia (Kazakhstan, Tajikistan). In 1971-72, together with Igor Burtsev, now ICH General Director, he studied in depth the Patterson-Gimlin Bigfoot film and declared it authentic. Several years later this verdict was confirmed by professional analysts in North America. The story of this most important achievement in hominology is described by Bayanov in his book America's Bigfoot: Fact, Not Fiction. U.S. Evidence Verified in Russia. He is also author of several other books on the subject in Russian and English, with translations into French and German, and published in Russia, France, Germany, England, USA, and Canada. For 30 years Bayanov headed the Smolin seminar on the questions of hominology at the Darwin Museum in Moscow. As hominology is still taboo for mainstream anthropology, Bayanov is denied the possibility of defending a dissertation and winning academic degrees. He lives in Moscow with his wife. He has a son, two grand-daughers and a great-grandson.

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