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category: Fiction
published: Feb 2019
publisher: Anvil Press Publishers

M Is Dead

a collaborative novel

edited by Brian Kaufman

tagged: literary

"M" is Dead is a collaborative novella written by five writers (Brian Kaufman, Annette Lapointe, Mary Ann Saunders, Michael V. Smith, and Madeline Sonik) about a FTM (female to male) transsexual performance artist known only as "M". Through five voices we learn the story of M, beginning with posthumous reminiscences from five friends who knew M in an intimate, personal, or professional capacity. The friends only learn of each other, and hear one another's reflection of M, at a small, private service organized by M's friend and manager. Part Two is comprised of reflections written by each of the five friends after the service, after they have heard (and read) the words written about M by the others.

M is Dead explores gender identity, loss, the notion of friendship, the idea of "self," and the social stigmatization still experienced by many transsexual/transgendered individuals. Through the five narrative threads we come to know M in all his layered complexity.

About the Author

Brian Kaufman

Contributor Notes

Brian Kaufman has worked for years in the Vancouver art scene as a playwright, editor, and publisher. He founded the internationally known literary magazine&nbspsubTerrain.

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