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category: Fiction
published: May 2019
publisher: Ronsdale Press

Like Joyful Tears

by David Starr

tagged: literary

In Like Joyful Tears, readers see first-hand the trauma and havoc wreaked by civil war. Victoria Deng of southern Sudan is sixteen when her school is attacked by northern soldiers and everyone but herself and her sister Mary are massacred. The girls are soon rescued by southern rebel soldiers, who are escorting hundreds of children on the harrowing and dangerous cross-desert journey to a refugee camp. Twenty years later in Vancouver, Canada, restless UBC student Abena Walker, looking to do something meaningful and rediscover her parents' original home of Africa, travels to Ukiwa Refugee Camp in Kenya as a teacher. While she struggles to comprehend the bleak situation of the thousands of refugees in the camp and whether or not she is making a difference, Abena meets and befriends Victoria and her two children who are now living in the camp. Unwilling to let the camp rules stop her from doing what is right, Abena and her friend Frank McClune - jaded from two decades of work in Africa but huge of heart - decide to break all the rules to try and free Victoria and her children and help them immigrate to North America. Although a work of fiction, Like Joyful Tears is based on the author's decade of work in the refugee community.

About the Author

David Starr

DAVID STARR is the principal of Byrne Creek Community School, a grade 8-12 school in Burnaby, B.C. Prior to that, he was the principal at Edmonds Community School, an elementary school in the same neighbourhood. He is a Vancouver Canuck Community MVP and is one of the UBC Faculty of Education's Top 100 graduates, along with Canadian paralympian Rick Hansen and Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. David is the author of several other fiction and non-fiction books and has spoken nationally and internationally on community and refugee education.

Contributor Notes

DAVID STARR is the prize-winning author of five previous books, including Ronsdale's The Nor'Wester (2017) and The King's Shilling (2018). He is the past winner of the Province's "Serial Thriller" writing competition, and is an education columnist for the Chinese language paper WC Weekly. David Starr is a high school principal, who lives in Coquitlam, B.C. Visit him at www.davidstarr.org.

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