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category: Children's Fiction
published: March 2018
publisher: Ronsdale Press

King's Shilling, The

by David Starr


In this thrilling sequel to The Nor'Wester, Duncan Scott returns to England from Canada to search for his long-lost sister, Libby. Arriving on the Liverpool docks, Duncan learns that his sister's fate has captivated the entire country. He also learns a name: Elizabeth Fry, a prison reformer who helped Libby and who holds the key to her location. But before he can meet Fry and find his sister once and for all, Duncan is kidnapped by a Press Gang in a dockside inn. Forced to take the "King's Shilling," Duncan must serve in the Royal Navy where he once again becomes an unwilling player in the game of Empire. Now on board His Majesty's Ship Cerberus, Duncan meets old friends and makes dangerous enemies. Before Duncan's service ends, he will face deadly cannon fire on the Baltic, and will go on to fight an epic battle with Napoleon's fleet in the Mediterranean Sea, a battle that could very well seal his own destiny, that of his sister Libby, and of the British Empire itself.

About the Author

David Starr

DAVID STARR is the principal of Byrne Creek Community School, a grade 8-12 school in Burnaby, BC. Prior to that, he was the principal at Edmonds Community School, an elementary school in the same neighbourhood. A majority of students in these schools are recent immigrants to Canada. He is the author of another book in this soccer set, Golden Goal. He is also the author of From Bombs to Books, describing the experiences of immigrant youth in the school system. David is a Vancouver Canuck Community MVP.
Contributor Notes

DAVID STARR is a prize-winning author of four previous books. In his previous novel, The Nor'Wester, he told Duncan's story of joining the North West Company and being sent to join Simon Fraser on his epic 1808 voyage by canoe down the Fraser to the Pacific. David Starr is a high school principal who lives in Coquitlam, B.C. Visit www.davidstarr.org.

  • Short-listed, ReLit Award
  • Short-listed, Pat Lowther Memorial Award
  • Short-listed, Dorothy Livesay Poetry Prize
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