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category: Nature
published: Nov 2018
publisher: Hancock House

Herbal Materia Medica

herbal plants of the Pacific Northwest

by Torey Lee

tagged: herbs, outdoor

The scope of the Northwest is very broad and diverse, with landscapes and climates from southern deserts to northern tundra, and sea level to high alpine. Equally diverse are the plant species found here including introduced species from other regions or continents. Often these plants will have similar uses despite the separation of cultures in geographically distinct areas of the world. The particular area of expertise of the author is the medicinal plants found in Central and Northern B.C., so that was the focus of much of the research for this book which describes the practical use at home as well as that utilized by First Nations people for millenia. With nearly 400 pages of information, this book will undoubtedly be one of the reference guides to the topic for years to come.

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Torey Lee

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