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published: Oct 2016
publisher: Now or Never Publishing Co.

Fatalists, The

by Patrick Blennerhassett

tagged: literary

Cell: no service. Email: down. Internet: off. TV: nothing. Radio: static. Communication: minimal. Chaos: unstoppable. Press Any Key to Start. PR hack Tristan Schultz is buried deep in the endless code of Millennial life, slogging away for a major pharmaceutical company in Seattle. Hopelessly drowning in a world of texts, emails, Tweets and status updates, he's light years from a family he once had. His mother deceased, he's lost touch with his only sibling, a sister he keeps in contact through Facebook, and a father who's now shown up at his doorstep unannounced. Inexplicably, a blank white sky appears one morning, bringing with it complete communication failure. Making peace with his father has taken a backseat to a race against time towards his sister, now in imminent danger: her war-torn ex-boyfriend is also on the chase. With no way to call for help, it's a desperate sprint as the whole world crashes back into the Dark Ages. Forced into a dangerous trek across the Pacific Northwest, what unfolds in The Fatalists is a purely terrifying glimpse into just how dependent we've become on technology--and how far two men will go to save their family.

About the Author
Patrick Blennerhassett is a Vancouver-based writer and journalist. He is a Jack Webster Fellowship Award winner and the author of the biography A Forgotten Legend: Balbir Singh Sr., Triple Olympic Gold & Modi's New India as well as the novels Monument and Random Acts of Vandalism.
Editorial Review

"A parable for our times. Patrick Blennerhassett understands it's not technology that's dangerous, but our dependency on it. A harrowing tale, tersely told." - Will Ferguson, Giller Prize winning author of 419

"I'm sitting in an orthodontist's office waiting for my daughter to finish her appointment. I notice there are about two dozen people in the room, more than half of whom are under the spell of one electronic device or another--smartphone, tablet, e-reader, whatever. I swear I could strip naked and dance the Lindy right now and none of them would notice; that's how dependent upon these gadgets we've become. They're not really even gadgets anymore--they're organs. External, perhaps, but just as essential as the others. What would it be like, I wonder, if they suddenly went dead in our hands? What if the Internet disappeared . . . and text messaging . . . and email . . . and every other cyberaddiction we've developed? Here's the thing--we don't have to imagine any of it, because Patrick Blennerhassett has done it for us in The Fatalists. In today's hopelessly digital world, this is a harrowing scenario we all need to consider--because it's not as far-fetched as we like to believe." - Wil Mara, author of The Gemini Virus

"A clipped, fast-paced post-apocalyptic cerebral thriller that strips our reliance on technology, replacing it with a disillusioned young man's struggle to survive against the breakdown of society, a ruthless corrupt cop, and his own profane but tough father. A page-turner I consumed in two sittings. Fans of The Road might really enjoy this." - Sever Bronny, Amazon best-selling author of The Arinthian Line

"The Fatalists is a highly imaginative thriller that amps up the tension from page one. After tearing through this one-stop read you'll never look at technology--or people--the same way again. Don't miss this one." - Douglas Corleone, author of Robert Ludlum's The Janson Equation and Good as Gone

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