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published: July 2017
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Exhibiting Nation

Multicultural Nationalism (and Its Limits) in Canada’s Museums

by Caitlin Gordon-Walker

tagged: museum studies

Canada’s brand of nationalism celebrates diversity – so long as it doesn’t challenge the unity, authority, or legitimacy of the state. Caitlin Gordon-Walker explores this tension between unity and diversity in three nationally recognized museums, institutions that must make judgments about what counts as “too different” in order to celebrate who we are as a people and nation through exhibits, programs, and design. Although the contradictions that lie at the heart of multicultural nationalism have the potential to constrain political engagement and dialogue, the sensory feasts on display in Canada’s museums provide a space for citizens to both question and renegotiate the limits of their national vision.

About the Author

Caitlin Gordon-Walker

Contributor Notes

Caitlin Gordon-Walker is an interdisciplinary scholar who studies the politics of public cultural representation in relation to nationalism, colonialism, and difference.

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