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category: Fiction
published: April 2019
publisher: Nightwood Editions

Dead Flowers

by Alex Laidlaw

tagged: short stories (single author), coming of age, literary

An anonymous writer stays up late into the night penning personal and inappropriate letters to a local public official. A new father and cook at a Montreal café chronicles the tyrannical rise of a new manager. An eccentric young student, in trying to carve out a space for herself, deals an existential blow to her roommate. Dead Flowers is a collection of stories featuring characters who have become estranged from the trajectory of their lives, yet must grapple with youth, love, isolation, drugs, friendship and the changing of seasons. These are stories of peripheral tragedies, moral ambivalence and compromise, chance and how we are shaped by what finds us.

About the Author

Alex Laidlaw

Sunshine Coast, BC, author Alex Laidlaw’s writing has been featured in SubTerrainEventCosmonaut Avenue and the Hart House Review among other literary magazines. He holds a BA in literature from the University of Victoria. Laidlaw is interested in the intersection of arts, literature and historical narratives.

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