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category: Fiction
published: April 2019
publisher: Now or Never Publishing Co.

Damaged at Daybreak

by Trevor Clark

tagged: crime

Although Evan Marshall has done time, he is more of a freelance hack and fly-by-night adventurer than a criminal. His life takes yet another detour when he becomes involved with an over-the-top personality named Lawson--not only a playwright, actor, novelist, would-be priest and teacher, but a self-destructive alcoholic, drug addict and part-time mental patient. After surviving an attack by the husband of his pregnant Japanese girlfriend, Marshall mugs an acquaintance and hangs out with his new friend who brawls, tells stories, gets arrested, suspended, spends thousands on drugs and women, and checks in and out of the psychiatric ward. Who better then to devise a half-baked plan with to rob a crack house with a shotgun and cleaver?

About the Author

Trevor Clark

Author of five previous works of fiction, Trevor Clark has also worked as an oilrig roughneck, editor, portrait photographer, bookstore manager, and home entertainment coordinator for a movie production company. Originally from Toronto, Trevor lived for a while in Vancouver, and currently resides in Montreal.

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