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category: Fiction
published: Nov 2018
publisher: Promontory Press

Beyond Control

The seed has been sown

by Lawrence Verigin

tagged: thrillers, action & adventure

The explosive conclusion to the award-winning Dark Seed trilogy. The mysterious cabal has been thwarted, their laboratory destroyed and their leadership in chaos. But for Nick Barnes the situation is only getting worse. Jail time is a certainty, his powerful foes are still free, and there are now indications that their evil scheme is getting beyond even their control. If so, it could threaten all human life on earth.

About the Author
Lawrence Verigin is the award-winning author of the Dark Seed trilogy. He lives with his wife, Diana, in Vancouver, BC. Lawrence's goal is to entertain readers while delving into socially relevant subjects.
Editorial Review

Praise for the "Dark Seed" Trilogy: "Strong writing and a swift plot." - Kirkus Reviews. "This riveting and timely novel brims with international intrigue and surprising plot twists. Highly recommended." - Chanticleer Book Reviews

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