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category: Fiction
published: April 2018
publisher: Oolichan Books

Beauty Creek

by Maureen Brownlee

tagged: literary, small town & rural

From the doomed pine forests of the British Columbia interior comes an epic tale of three flawed and struggling characters bound by their attachment to a dying town. Short-staffed and cash-strapped, Maggie Evans owns the Beauty Creek Chronicle. Pensioner Nash Malone scavenges at the local landfill. Stevie Jeffers, newly single and determined not to uproot her children ever again, takes a job waiting tables and stakes her future on a town that might not survive the decade. When the desperate town council embraces a fast talking tourism developer they ignite an unanticipated clash of values that will shake the characters, and the community, to its core.

About the Author
Maureen Brownlee was born and raised on the western slopes of the northern Rockies. She has lived and worked in various BC communities, always returning to her mountain home. Though largely self-taught, her writing has greatly benefited from the tutelage of talented writers who sustain western western Canada's creative writing workshops. Loggers' Daughters is her first novel.
Contributor Notes

Maureen Brownlee was born and raised on the western slope of the northern Rockies in British Columbia, Canada.

A former journalist, Brownlee started writing fiction as child, on a manual typewriter with sticky keys in the office behind the post office in her parent's general store. In her twenties she paid monthly instalments for a home study writing course and wrote a handful of unpublished children's stories. Then life intervened and she learned how to write about other topics during a decade spent running a weekly newspaper. After selling the newspaper in 1994, she moved to a small farm and spent the next twenty years building fences, working at assorted day jobs, taking university courses by correspondence, and learning how to write fiction. Beauty Creek is her second novel. Her first, Loggers' Daughters, was published by Oolichan Books in 2013 and is now in its second printing.

When not writing, Maureen gardens, growing most of her own food, runs for the fun of it, dabbles at the guitar and pencil sketching, and reads, reads, reads.

She lives on a farm near Valemount, British Columbia.

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