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category: Social Science
published: May 2010
publisher: UBC Press

Asian Religions in British Columbia

edited by Larry DeVries; Dan Overmyer & Don Baker

tagged: asian american studies

British Columbia is Canada’s most ethnically diverse province. Yet in general we need to know more about the diversity of religions that accompanied immigrants to the province and how they are practised today. This book offers intimate portraits of local religious groups, including Hindus and Sikhs from South Asia; Buddhist organizations from Southeast Asia; and Tibetan, Japanese, and Chinese religions from East and Central Asia. The first comprehensive, comparative examination of Asian religions in British Columbia, this book is mandatory reading for teachers, policy makers, scholars of local history and culture and of Asian Canadian studies.

About the Authors

Larry DeVries

Dan Overmyer

Don Baker

Contributor Notes

Larry DeVries is an instructor in religious studies and Asian studies at Langara College. Don Baker is a professor in Asian studies at the University of British Columbia. Dan Overmyer is professor emeritus in Asian studies at the University of British Columbia.


Contributors: Ian G. Baird, Paul Crowe, Marc des Jardins, Derryl N. MacLean, Bandu Madanayake, Rastin Mehri, Kamala Elizabeth Nayar, Michael Newton, Cam Van Thi Phan (aka Thich nu Tri Kha), James Placzek, Li Yu

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