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category: Fiction
published: Oct 2017
publisher: Now or Never Publishing Co.

As The Current Pulls the Fallen Under

by Daryl Sneath

tagged: coming of age

Vector Sorn--intellectual and athletic prodigy--witnesses the tragic death of his mother when he is just fourteen years old. For the next four years, he does his best to maintain a sense of purpose, and at eighteen sets his sights on Quest University. The night before he departs, his grandparents give him his mother's journal, a tome filled with daily entries dating back to her own youth. When he finally brings himself to read it, a decades-old secret is revealed and Vector vows vengeance. But not before he meets Valerie Argent, a dauntingly beautiful flight attendant with whom Vector embarks on an unconventional, life-changing journey. Though the current may endeavour to pull Vector under, Valerie is there to provide the buoy that saves him.

About the Author
Daryl Sneath was born in Beaverton, a small town by a lake, and currently lives with his wife and their three beautiful, whip-smart children in Seagrave, a small town by a river. As the Current Pulls the Fallen Under is his second novel.

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