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published: Aug 2013
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And Then There Were Nuns

Adventures in a Cloistered Life

by Jane Christmas

tagged: religious, spiritual growth, women's studies

Bestselling author Jane Christmas decides to enter a convent to discern whether she is, as she puts it, ""nun material."" But just as she convinces herself to take the plunge, her long-term partner, Colin, surprises her with a marriage proposal. Determined not to let her monastic dreams get sidelined, Christmas puts her engagement aside and embarks on an extraordinary year-plus adventure to four convents—one in Canada and three in the U.K. Among these communities of cloistered nuns and monks, she shares—and occasionally rails against—the silent, reverent, pared-down existence she has sought all her life. With insight and humour, she provides a glimpse into a seldom-seen lifestyle.

About the Author

Jane Christmas

Editorial Reviews

This is the best kind of memoir, revealing,refreshing, and reflective enough to make readers turn many of the questions on themselves. A delightful trip down the road less traveled. — Booklist, Starred Review

A lovely, heartfelt tale. Get thee to a bookstore and buy it. — A.J. Jacobs, author of The Year of Living Biblically

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