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published: June 1999
publisher: Hancock House

African Parrots

by Rick Jordan & Jean Pattison

tagged: non-classifiable

Two of the most respected parrot aviculturists share their combined experiences to introduce us to the indigenous parrot species of Africa. Rick Jordan and Jean Pattison examine the many facets of the aviculture of these birds including, speciation, breeding behavior, and suitability as companion birds. The authors share their insights and experience with African parrots, making this book a necessity in any bird lover's library.

About the Authors

Rick Jordan

Jean Pattison

Contributor Notes

RICK JORDAN- Known as an outstanding avicuturist and psittacine incubation expert, has the distinction of having worked with more avian species than any other private aviculturist. He currently operates Hill country Aviaries, LLC in Dripping Springs, Texas. JEAN PATTISON- Well known for her work in the aviculture of psittacine birds of African origin. Her advice is widely sought regarding these species and their unique breeding requirements. She currently operates African Queen Aviaries in Lakeland, Florida.

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