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category: Fiction
published: Feb 2018
publisher: Caitlin Press

A One-Handed Novel

by Kim Clark

tagged: black humor

A hilarious and captivating novel that challenges expectations and assumptions about women's sexuality and living with disability. Hilarious, captivating and sexy, this new novel by Kim Clark challenges expectations and assumptions about women's sexuality and living with disability.

When Melanie Farrell visits the neurologist she is told her multiple sclerosis is progressing. She isn't surprised by the diagnosis, but what does shock her is the related prognosis. It seems, based on a new study, that she only has six orgasms left. Six! Fortyish and single, Mel must decide how best to spend, save or at least not waste those precious orgasms.

Mel's plans to make the most of her sex life proves easier said than done when other realities of living with MS demand even more of her attention. Should she max out her credit card on an experimental procedure in Costa Rica? How can she work to financially support herself and get the care she needs when she can hardly leave the house? Where are her friends when she needs them? Her choices become even more confusing when one day she meets a man who loves butterflies and is good with his hands. But is romance what she's really looking for right now? Or is she looking for something even more?

Funny, honest, heartbreaking and hopeful, A ONE-HANDED NOVEL offers a fresh take on independence and disability, ambition and love, and the communities that help us cope when our bodies and our desires are ever-changing.

About the Author

Kim Clark

Contributor Notes

Kim Clark is an author, poet and playwright and gimp. Clark has published short fiction--ATTEMPTATIONS (Caitlin Press)--and poetry: MIDDLE CHILD OF SUMMER (Leaf Press), SIT YOU WAITING (Caitlin Press), and DIS EASE AND DE SIRE, THE M ANU S CRIPT (Lipstick Press), as well as co-editing the red-head anthology, CANADIAN GINGER (Oolichan Books). She's also been a finalist in Theatre BC's Playwriting Competition and has a novella under option for a feature-length film. Clark is the author of A ONE-HANDED NOVEL. The sequel to this novel is in the works, so watch for ANOTHER ONE-HANDED NOVEL. She lives in Nanaimo on Vancouver Island.

Editorial Review

"To reveal too many details would deprive the reader of the wicked delight in discovering each fearless narrative surprise that awaits them in Kim Clark's novel. In both humour and heart this book doesn't tread delicately when addressing the reality of living with a disability, financial struggle, women's sexuality, and the complications that arise in every type of relationship. I cried, I cackled, and I couldn't stop reading this wild, tender and very necessary book." -Dina Del Bucchia, author of DON'T TELL ME WHAT TO DO

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