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(flood basement

(flood basement

by Jeremy Stewart
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A/Z Does It

A/Z Does It

by John Riddell
tagged : canadian, non-classifiable
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we abandon we abbreviate we aberrate we abet we abhor we abide we abolish we abort we abridge we absolve we absorb we abstain we abstract we abuse we accentuate we accept we acclaim we acclimatize we accommodate we accompany we accomplish we accredit we accumulate we accuse we ache we achieve we acknowledge we acquiesce we acquire we acquit we activate we actualize we add we address we adduce we adjourn we adjudicate we adjust we administer we admire we admit we admonish we adopt we adore we adorn we adulate we adulterate we advance we advertise we advise we advocate we affiliate we affirm we affix we age we aggravate we agree we aid we ail we aim we air we alarm we alibi we alienate we allege we allegorize we alleviate we alliterate we allocate we allot we allow we alphabetize we alter we amalgamate we amaze we amend we amuse we anaesthetize we analogize we analyze we anchor we angle we animate we annex we annihilate we annotate we annoy we annul we anoint we answer we antagonize we antedate we anticipate we apologize we apostatize we apostrophize we appall we appeal we appear we appease we applaud we apply we appoint we appraise we appreciate we apprehend we apprentice we approach we appropriate we approve we approximate we arbitrate we argue we arise we arm we arouse we arrange we arrest we arrive we articulate we ascertain we ask we assimilate we assist we associate we assume we assure we astonish we atomize we atone we attach we attack we attain we attempt we attend we attract we attribute we auction we audit we augment we authenticate we authorize we autograph we avenge we average we avert we avoid we avow we await we awake we award. . .

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A Dark Boat

A Dark Boat

by Patrick Friesen
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Affaires of the Heart

Affaires of the Heart

by Cathy Ford
tagged : canadian, non-classifiable
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Air Canada Owls

Air Canada Owls

Travel Poems
by Glen Sorestad
tagged : canadian, non-classifiable
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In a Montreal Bistro

We were all on verbal flights
winging on myths of our own.
She said her pen could fly
(as she served us another drink).
I liked the image, tipped to excess.

I told her only poems could fly,
quoted a colleague of mine as proof.
She doubted my sincerity. And said so.

Her proof employed no artifice.
Just a spring-loaded ballpoint pen.

And when she jammed it on the table
it flew on the wall of the fluorescent sun,
came to rest at my feet --
left me to ponder
the merits of myth-making
in a world that worships technology.

Pollution Interdite

The dogs own Nice. Everywhere
the evidence lies. Dogshit grows
on sidewalks, steets and grass.

The dogs of Nice are impartial,
indiscriminate. At the entrance
of the park a sign warns owners
of penalties against this burst
of flower-turds. The dogs
scorn the sign and consequences,
pretend they do not recognize
the artist's graphic depiction
of "Dog Squatting Over Turd"
The dog Xed out in heavy black
like a victim on a Mafia hit list.

When the dogs assume control
over the rest of the world, will
they address the human problem
with similar signs?

Cowboy Christ

In Paris, Texas, Christ rises above
the final rest of Willet Babcock.
The long-dead rancher is well anchored
for fierce winds. He cares little

about the three of us, drawn here
not for prayers over Babcock's bones,
but to stare, as we do now, up
at this sculpted Christ astride

Babcock's massive headstone
that derricks twenty feet against
the wintry Texas sky, His shoulder
against the cross, flowing robe

to His feet. We are poets all, two
fled south from a frozen country
to follow our Texas colleague here.
to scuff the stoney path to Babcock

though the pebbles we dislodge above
are bootless to his ears as we
assume the perfect vantage point to see
beneath the robe of Jesus -- His left foot,

His cowboy boot. Why shouldn't I believe
that in Texas even He would wear boots?
For the moment we are silent as Babcock,
gathered here around the feet of Christ.

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Albrecht Dürer and me

Albrecht Dürer and me

Travels, 2004 to 2014
by David Zieroth
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An Auto-Erotic History of Swings

An Auto-Erotic History of Swings

by Patricia Young
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As Though the Gods Love Us

As Though the Gods Love Us

by Poh Seng Goh
tagged : canadian, non-classifiable
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As I Walk By

A premonition of fall already
informs this hot summer's day
although the small, small leaves
of the rows of tall,
old Chinese elms
lining Sixth Avenue
near my home,
have yet to commence their dance
which they do,
when they do it,
with such an old-fashioned
sedateness and grace,
that is so pleasing to watch
when the wind comes to woo.

Then the leaves will shed hoards
Of shadows onto the ground,
creating a growing umbrage
deep as the sea
in order to capture me
as I walk by.

The Fall Rain

Trees in our neighbourhood shiver in cold, grey rain,
last remaining foliage in a state of deshabille for late fall.

Streetwalkers working their beat on nearby Hastings and Victoria
are rain-soaked, shivering in flimsy, revealing dresses.

Each year I wonder, will they all survive the oncoming winter?

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